What is the COINS Global Challenge?

COINS are launching a Global Challenge with the aim of raising some much needed funds for Disability Challengers, while at the same time creating a fun environment to get together (albeit virtually) and get ourselves exercising with purpose.

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What is the COINS Grand Tour?

COINS are launching the Grand Tour as a global challenge, aiming to create a fun environment to get together (albeit virtually) and get ourselves exercising with purpose, with all entry donations being donated to Disability Challengers.

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The challenge will involve collectively pooling our weekly exercise miles to ‘virtually’ travel from the COINS Dallas office to the COINS Sydney office, visiting every one of our offices in between. All exercises count towards the total whether it’s walking, cycling, swimming, golfing, etc.

Track your miles easily using a convenient app.

We'll be using the MyVirtualChallenge app to record miles, and will send out info about how to join our challenge in the app via email.

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Why Challengers?

The past few months have obviously been extremely challenging for everyone, but particularly for charity organisations whose existence relies heavily on donations. Challengers offer places on lots of big annual events such as the London Marathon, Prudential Ride 100 and countless others, and they rely on the money raised from these events to be able to continue to deliver these essential service to the children and family that need them. Challengers are a fantastic charity that provide inclusive, fun and safe places where all disabled children and young people can spend time with their friends. They aim to offer a positive impact for families and the wider community. For more information, visit https://disability-challengers.org/  ​​

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